Infection Control Techniques

We want to keep it safe and simple: 

All checked in, Jewelry Picked out, Integrator initialed and now you are waiting for your name to be called.  Here is what we are up to while you wait:    

First, we pull your selection from our back stock of jewelry and inspect it to make sure everything is perfect along with your brand-new piercing needles, and any other utensils that we may need to perform your piercing.  These things are then placed into our statim autoclave in a small tray designed for sterilization along with the integrator (pass/fail tag that you initialed).  The integrator measures the temperature, pressure, and amount of time that has passed in the autoclave.  The integrator lets our piercers and you know that the autoclave worked to sterilize everything properly.  For more in-depth information about the statim autoclave and proper integrator please refer to the links below:    


The non-porous surfaces that you come into contact that are either too big or not suitable for autoclaving have to be taken care of too.  We use optim33-tb to disinfect these things, such as beds, client seating, counters, sinks ect.  These surfaces are wiped between every client interaction or extended periods of idle time not in use. For more information about optim33-tb please refer to the links below:  


Piercing needles, everyone is always wondering about the needle.  Each piercing that you receive from ECP is performed with a brand-new out of manufacturer packaging needle.  We remove each needle from its manufacturer packaging and sterilize it along with your jewelry, just to make sure it's up to our standards.  After a needle is used once it is carefully disposed of into an approved sharps container where it remains until a biological waste specialist picks it up from our studio.   

For some procedures we may need an extra tool or utensil, these utensils are either disposable or processed in our Hydrim the Hydrim is a self-contained automated instrument washer.   Any re-usable utinsil is first soaked in a bath of enzymatic solution and rinsed after to remove any residual biological material.  After the utinsils have been processed in the Hydrim they are first inspected, packaged and bulk sterilized for storage.  All of this happens in its own isolated room to prevent contaminating the rest of the studio.  For more information about the Hydrim please see the links below: